Sunset in the Wetlands

"There is a purpose being worked out here below."

Winston Churchill



Is There Purpose, A Plan?


I remember one Sunday morining when I was about twelve years old, sitting in church with my parents. It was a Luthern church. On this Sunday, I was having more than the usual amount of difficulty in paying attention to the service. Just an hour before, in Sunday School, I had learned about the work of Martin Luther. I was grappling with the revelation that he had died more than four hundred years before I was born. It dawned on me that Christianity had been around for a really long time--a lot longer than four hundred years.

In my young mind I realized that in almost two thousand years, Christianity had not really done anything to change the world. We professed that we followed the One who preached love and peace, yet we continued to have terrible wars, people killed, robbed, lied to and hated each other. While the minister was speaking and the choir was singing, I wondered how much longer God was prepared to let the status quo persist. He didn't seem to be taking an interest in how badly people who carried His name treated each other, in violation of His laws. I pondered, on that Sunday morining, "If there really is a God, wouldn't He have something in mind--some plan, some outline, some goal and reason for man's existence?"

The fantastic truth is that God does take an interest in our lives, there is a purpose being worked out on this earth and one day, God's fantastic, gracious and generous plan for man will be completed. The information about what God is doing with mankind could be known, but has unfortunately been ignored and cast aside. You should be aware: God is not going to let things go on forever as they are now. He has a, goal, an outline a plan to intervene. He is going to change the world--DRAMATICALLY!

You have a part of this plan. God has made a place in it especially for you. The sooner you learn about what God has in mind for you, the sooner you can be on your way to fulfilling the purpose for which you were born. You need to click the next link to learn why God made us and what He had in mind when he molded Adam out of handfuls of red dirt. He had a plan and a place in it for every man, woman and child who has lived, even those who have already died without knowing the one true God.

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